What am I doing wrong.?

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Re: What am I doing wrong.?

Post by Tessla » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:58 am

Hey... I added my final render to the Image Gallery and here...

It's not easy to get light glowing out of an object with holes.. Also, to achieve a nice shadow and light together, is a matter of trial and error in using Environments, Lighting and power of lighting and Textures.. Using the correct texture allows for both the light and shadows to show in the image.. We are still surprised as to how high we had to have the light power.. Seems a bit odd to us.. Not to worry, we did it. We created what we wanted to achieve and more.. Its quite beautiful to be honest.. No post editing at all.. This is how it came from Simlab Composer V10.. And it did not take very long to render..


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