New integration plugin for Alibre

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New integration plugin for Alibre

Post by SimLab » Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:44 am

SimLab Composer adds completely new integration for Alibre.

SimLab Soft team created a completely new integration plugin for Alibre, that makes the process of transferring models from Alibre to SimLab Composer (Fast, preserves more information, and includes less errors)

We are talking about 10 times faster transfer speed compared to the old plugin.

As soon as you transfer the Alibre model to SimLab Composer you are ready to do great real time rendering, add animation, simulation, and create VR experiences.

The following introduction shows some of the capabilities gained by integrating Alibre with SimLab Composer

Direct link to video

The new integration plugin is ready for download from the following link

If all what you need is to create great rendered images, up to full HD size, then you can use SimLab Composer lite, our free edition, capable of creating superior renders.

Rendered images with SimLab Composer lite can be used commercially.

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