Really, Well done Simlab!!

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Really, Well done Simlab!!

Post by Tessla » Sun Sep 27, 2020 8:19 am

We requested reverse animation frames option a long time ago.. To create a movie with a reverse animation took soooo long, we had to copy the frames, rename and resequenced using software. It was painful.. But.. Simlab has added a new feature in the Make Movie that automatically creates the reverse frames as well as the final reverse movie. It now takes seconds rather than 30/40 + minutes.. This is a GREAT new feature in V10...

Another feature request that was added into V10 we asked for. To have the ability to replace an object. This is just so useful.. Rather than delete and manually replace into the same position, you now only have to add the replacement into the scene, and use that to replace another object. Very useful!!..

So, well done Simlab for these great additions.. and thank you for listening to your users..


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