Improve render quality and JPEG Export Settings

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Improve render quality and JPEG Export Settings

Post by Alex » Thu Jul 16, 2020 4:56 pm

Hello Simlab,

I love the way you lower the bar to use VR-possibilies for our 3D models! I guess, the steps were huge!

But I am honest: The main use of SC is still the cpu renderengine which produces amazing results in a fair amount of time :)

1. Do you intend to improve the features and the overall renderquality besides of the VR development?
I would really love to see some features in the cpu renderengine in the future
a) rendering with grass
in know the first things are based on the unreal engine, but this would improve architectural renderings a lot. In my spare time I render scenes with e.g. streets, walkways and cyclingroads for my local bicycle ngo.
b) rendering with fog (not so important to me, but would be cool)
c) real glow of light emitters. - this is something very important for me. I always use to edit the lights in photoshop (Mix of glow with 'color burn', and aftermarket lens and light assets)

The real thing, hard to achieve
d) : is it still possible to improve render quality?
I mean, Is there still room for improvements to image quality on the renderengine iself from a technical standpoint? If I remember correctly, in the early days of SC you licenced the engine and then with time you developed you own engine - the current one.
Or is the interior renderengine good enough (I think the speed is just fine) and we should aim to achieve better quality through purchasing aftermarket HDRs and 8k textures etc.? :D I think it would be interesting to read some informations of the behind-the-scene tech of Simlab Composer and a future roadmap.

e) Maybe also a guide of the tech behind RAM usage. I noticed that there is a difference between having the scene opened and the active rendering (~RAM usage doubles while rendering). There are scenes where it takes more than 30s to start rendering while SC prepares the scene. How can we improve this? Especially when there are lots of 3D People (unfortunately i cannot reduce the amount of polygons and keeping the UV intact in Rhino). Difference between dual-channel and quad-channel mode for RAM provided by the mainboard (like AM4 vs Threadripper recommendations) :)

2. I think this last feature request is easy to implement:
Set option to adjust JPG Compression. I know for high quality I could use PNG. Sometimes it is okay
to use JPG for a lower filesize without the need to convert it afterwards in Photoshop.
But the default jpeg compression of SC is a bit too much for my needs, those artefacts are easily identifiable
Normally I go the way and render the image as PNG and save it with Photoshop.
PNG File 3MB and JPG (Photoshop quality 10) only 0,6MB without obvious artefacts..

I know, you work really hard and you cannot do everything at once, but I am curious about your roadmap for the cpu render engine :)

Thank you and best regards

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Re: Improve render quality and JPEG Export Settings

Post by SimLab » Sat Jul 18, 2020 7:00 pm


We are thankful for your input, and we will use it in our future road map.
As of today our users are divided as following 30% use VR as main feature, 30% rendering is the main feature , 40% distributed among file conversion, 3D PDF, and Animation creation.

By our focus on VR we are not neglecting Rendering, we believe SimLab Composer is all of those things.
It is a single application that allows you to present your 3D models as a rendered image, 3D PDF, and VR, and we really believe with time VR (and in VR we mean the virtual experience with or without the headset) will be very important.

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Re: Improve render quality and JPEG Export Settings

Post by Kush Desai » Wed Aug 19, 2020 9:00 pm

totally agree with Mr. Alex as i am the core user of Animation & Rendering.
We are offering engineering animation as one of service in my company. I am user of simlab since last 5-6 years we are happy with its working and functions simlab provide but there are many things which need to add some of them are very basic like section plane. you just cant use section plane in animation to show internal parts of your machine etc. its poorly made if you use section plane then material between two surface will be gone. Also doesn't matter how much size of plane you create it will cut entire geometry its use less.

Simlab please consider this other competitor has this since long.

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Re: Improve render quality and JPEG Export Settings

Post by SimLab » Fri Aug 21, 2020 5:57 pm

We got the requirement for more users, and will be working on it.

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Re: Improve render quality and JPEG Export Settings

Post by jrbhatt » Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:14 pm

Please include this feature, need it badly, section plane is need of an hour for showing fluid dynamics inside machine
Jay Bhatt
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