Solidworks Model to Collada Plugin Issue

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Solidworks Model to Collada Plugin Issue

Post by marksullivan » Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:27 pm


I am having an issue with the exported file from the Collada (.dae) plugin for Solidworks 2017.
The (.dae) is being imported into Scenekit but it is not possible to apply any textures to that specific model.
Textures can be applied to any other (.dae) models except those exported from the Simlab plugin for Solidworks.
I have tried exporting the Solidworks model as an STL file and brought it into blender, sketchup, 3DS max and Strata but had no luck.

Is there any reason why textures can't be applied to the model in Scenekit because of this specific plugin?
Would really appreciate any help with this.

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