Solidworks 2018 crash - sldtesselationu:00004dac

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Solidworks 2018 crash - sldtesselationu:00004dac

Post by jtengland » Tue May 08, 2018 1:39 am


I have recently upgrade from SW 2017 to 2018 SP 2.0. Around the same time I purchased and installed the SimLab FBX Exporter. I have been getting a hard crash on a fairly regular basis with fault module "sldtesselationu:00004dac" always showing as the code. Based on what FBX Exporter does, it seems it might be the likely culprit. I wanted to see if anyone has seen something similar. These are not exceedingly complicated parts.

What I know:
- Some of my .sldprt's are much more likely to cause the crash
- It almost always happens on first open
- If I open an assembly with the part, and then open the part from the assembly, it doesn't crash
- sldtesselationu seems to be related to a dll of the same name

I have just disabled the add-in and will continue testing, but I wanted to get this ball rolling in case it is a related issue.


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Re: Solidworks 2018 crash - sldtesselationu:00004dac

Post by SimLab » Thu May 17, 2018 11:51 am

Do you have updated after stopping the plugin?

Can you share the model that usually crash with out support team?

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